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This isn’t really a recipe, more of me being excited about jelly. Not enough attention is paid to jelly, in my opinion. It is true that most commercial jelly is pretty bleak, veering from the “nice but I feel like I’m five” to the “this colour is almost certainly illegal in norway, and several other enlightened northern European nations”. But home made jelly is amazing. With a packet of unflavoured gelatin, you can create interesting and enjoyable jellies from any combination of juices, fruits and alcohol. In this jelly, I used some leftover homemade elderflower champagne, strained it through cloth to get it clear (optional), heated it with sugar and gelatin, then let it set. For a less potent jelly (I wouldn’t advise driving after bowl of this), I would add water as well, as I do in my red wine jelly. I think there are going to be a lot of jelly recipes coming.


To see lots more pretty jellies, check out what the women at Joy of Jello create. I can’t wait to try their homemade marshmallows.