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I’ve never made a lime meringue, or indeed any kind or meringue, pie before. They had always seemed difficult, and kind of intimidating. Actually, the hardest part of making this is figuring out how to spell meringue (thank God for spell checks).

I really can’t rave about this dessert enough. It is decadent, and incredibly sweet. The curd is thick and sticky, with a pungent lime flavour. The meringue is all soft sugary foam, diluting the intensity of the curd. The final touch is the squeeze of fresh lime over each slice, which cuts into the sweetness, giving a fresh touch.

I went with a lime meringue, because I’m not really keen on lemon in desserts. Tragic as it sounds, I think that a combination of lemon floor/toilet cleaner, and those lemon flavour soluble painkillers have thoroughly destroyed lemon as a sweet flavour for me. Lime, on the other hand, I adore. If, however, you don’t share my early childhood trauma, you could easily substitute lemons for the lime.

Lime Meringue Pie (serves 5)

1 sheet puff pastry
5 limes
4 eggs, separated
55g butter
2 tablespoons cornflour
350g shite sugar

Heat the oven to 180 degrees celcius. Grease a tart tine, line it with the pastry sheet, and bake until cooked. If it puffs up, simply push it down with a fork. Alternatively, blind bake it.

Melt the butter, then add the four egg yolks, the juice of four limes and the grated zest of two, and 150g of sugar (decrease for a less sweet pie). Mix the cornflour into a paste with a small amount of water, then stir into the curd. Cook over low, stirring, until it is thick. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff (when they form soft peaks), then add the remaining 200g of sugar.

Pour the curd into the tart shell, and spoon the meringue into a pile on top. Return to the oven and cook until the meringue is brown on top. This takes about five minutes, but watch it very closely. Leave it to cool and firm for a few minutes, then serve, with a squeeve on fresh lime juice over each slice.

Adapted from bbc recipes, James Tanner