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Cake decorating is pretty fun. In fact, I really do think it’s the best part of making a cake. Even if it’s just spreading a thick, yellowy butter cream icing, and adding a few sprinkles, it’s what transforms a cake from tasty into fabulous.

However, sometimes it’s fun to go a little further. My Dad is the master at this; he’s more into cake sculpting than decorating. When I was eleven, he made a life sized me, with all my internal organs moulded out of jelly and lollies. I’ve also had Hogwarts Castle, Middle Earth, a standing up road cone, the solar system, and so on. For one of my flatmates’ 21st, I thought I would try my hand at decorating, a la my father. This design was very simple, however, and produced spectacular results. This is a spring cake, but it would be easily converted into summer, or autumn. Just change the colour of the icing, and the flowers/leaves/twigs you use. So, here’s a quick how-to.

For the cake: I used two cakes, using an easy banana cake (https://chocolatefudgefrosting.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/easy-banana-cake-with-a-banana-cream-filling/), filled with bananas and cream. I trimmed the edge of one cake so they would nestle together like two hills.

The icing: I then covered it with a buttercream icing (lots of recipes on the internet), which was dyed green. I didn’t process this too hard, as I wanted a textured look. This was spread over the sides and top of the cakes, and rubbed with a fork to give texture.

The flowers: I used daffodils and montbretia leaves to create small daffodil stands, with the ends wrapped in tinfoil so they would stand up, and a bamboo skewer inside the daffodil stems to give strength.

Add candles, and scatter a few white daisies.


For winter, maybe white icing, bare twigs, and even a little snow man? Autumn, green and yellow, with some autumn leaves? So many pretty options!