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I’ve got rocket in my garden! See, here’s a photo to prove it! For me, gardening is a very new thing. Indeed, rocket is the first thing to mature in my first ever garden, so this is all quite new and exciting. I am a big rocket fan, in salads, sandwiches, you name it. Here the pepper of the rocket is teamed with the nutty creaminess of the parmesan cheese, and the fresh sweet crunch of the apple.


This would be a lovely addition to a family dinner, or a more formal dinner party. It teams well with anything, but is especially good with pasta dishes or pizza. I haven’t given actual quantities here — it is fluid, and depends on how much rocket you like, and how much of the ingredients you have. It is easy to taste and adjust. I like undressed salads, but if you don’t, then a drizzle of olive oil would be nice.

Rocket and Parmesan Salad

Fresh rocket leaves

Parmesan cheese, grated into thin curls

Finely sliced apple, a crisp eating variety

Toss rocket, parmesan and apple slices together gently, and serve.