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Get what I got today? Lots of baby plants, to plant in our newly created vegetable garden. Carefully selected baby plants; it takes a lot of thinking to come up with things that are (a) even vaguely efficient to grow, and (b) will grow in the dark valley in which I live. In the end, I got several kinds of lettuce, silverbeet, and rocket.

It is the last that I am particularly excited about. Rocket is so yummy – I am very much looking forward to it enhancing my sandwiches in the months to come. I am also looking forward to featuring it in many salads, such as this one. Created on the spur of the moment last night, I know that this salad will be repeated many times. The sweetness of the orange and bland coolness of the cottage cheese make a perfect compliment to the peppery rocket and fragrant coriander. The colours also bounce together beautifully, with the orange carrot, dark green leaves and white cheese. It only takes minutes to prepare.

Rocket and Cottage Cheese Salad (serves two on the side, one as a meal)

2 carrots

10 rocket leaves

5 sprigs of coriander

Juice of half an orange

2 tablespoons cottage cheese

Grate the carrots. Roughly slice/tear the rocket and coriander, and toss together in a bowl. Add the cottage cheese, and mix through. Pour the juice over the top, mix, and serve.