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Rock melon ice cream has a very tender place in my heart. You see, I have only eaten non-homemade rock melon ice cream once, and that was when I was eight years old. I ate it in Saint Mark’s Square, in Venice, surrounded by many pigeons, and even more tourists.

I was in Italy for a few weeks, and adored it. That is unsurprising, since (in my memory at least) all I did was eat ice cream and be fondly called bambina. I learned approximately two sentences in Italian, and one of them was “quanto costa il gelato?” I think that tells you something.

Anyway, I had a wonderful rock melon gelato in Venice. For some reason, never again have I found anyone offering that flavour, which is a tragedy. It is delicate, fragrant, mild and sweet, and exactly the right level of unexpected and unusual. Clearly the only solution was to make one. This is a fairly healthy ice cream, which involves no cream, no milk, and very little sugar. It also does not require an ice cream maker. Greek yoghurt combines with the smooth fruit gives the creamy texture, and a little icing sugar enhances the fruit’s natural sweetness. It only takes minutes to prepare, however, it must be eaten at once. If you don’t like rock melon, then other fruits, providing they are not too watery, can be substituted.

Rock Melon Ice Cream (no ice cream maker required)

A large rock melon, very ripe and flavoursome

1/2 cup of icing sugar

~1/2 cup greek yoghurt

Chop the rock melon into small cubes. Take two cups of cubes and freeze them. It is a good idea to do this overnight. When they are fully frozen, put the icing sugar and frozen fruit in a food processor and blend until mixed. Leave the processor running, and add the yoghurt in small portions. Stop when you have reached an ice cream like consistency. Serve immediately.

Note: the strawberry ice cream that I adapted this from suggested that if you use cream instead of yoghurt, you can then freeze the ice cream. I haven’t tried this, and so can’t say if it would work.

Adapted from Alison & Simon Holst, 20 Minute Desserts & After Dinner Treats