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This is less of a recipe, and more of a how-to for tofu cooking. Tofu is actually amazing. I imagine that some people will be nodding in a slightly fanatical way, and others will be looking in disgust and horror at this post, and frantically closing the browser window. To those people: please, give tofu a chance.


Here are my thoughts on this most polarising of foodstuffs. Tofu is a wonderful vehicle for flavour, probably more so than anything I can think of. It is a blank canvas, ready to showcase your flavour mix. Served on its own, it is a blank canvas hung on a wall, and therefore unbelievably dull, whatever my art history lecturer may have tried to tell me.


There are many wonderful flavours you can add to tofu, including as a desert. The easiest, and least threatening, way to serve tofu is marinated and then added to a vegetable stir-fry, and served with fluffy white rice. Here is a straight forward marinade for tofu, to fit with a asian style stir-fry. The proportions are not important – just add what tastes right. All of the ingredients marked with a star are optional – add as many as you have, but don’t stress if you don’t have them. This would also make a good lunch. 


Marinated Tofu


One packet of tofu

Soy Sauce/Tamari

Sweet Chili Sauce

Ginger, minced*

Garlic, minced*

Sesame Oil*

Freshly Squeezed lime/lemon juice*

Grated lime zest*


Mix all the ingredients, bar the tofu, together in a bowl. Taste, and adjust. Cut the tofu into slices, lay on a plate or in a deep dish, and cover with the marinade. Leave for at least 15 minutes, preferable longer. Either add the tofu and excess marinade to a vegetable stir fry near the end of cooking or fry by itself. Cook until it is hot, and serve.