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Everybody loves brunches. I usually find breakfast foods profoundly boring: toast (dry and boring), cornflakes (don’t you love eating wood chips), muesli (maybe at some point I’ll finish chewing and can go to work). Brunch is entirely different. It is hot, filling, satisfying and simply wonderful.

My boyfriend and I have been having a lot of brunches lately, now university term is finished. I thought I’d share the one that we created yesterday. It is a stack of french toast, double dipped in the egg mixture, with layers of buttery garlicky mushrooms, creamy cheese and whole grain mustard. Not too difficult to make, and truly spectacular. There are numerous variations possible; try adding wilted spinach, roasted or fried tomatoes, swapping the button mushrooms for large flat mushrooms served whole, exchanging the mustard for a fruit relish, and so on. The method for making french toast is a stroke of genius from my boyfriend. I was unsure of the double dipping at first, but he has thoroughly convinced me.

French Toast Piles with mushrooms, cheese and mustard  (serves two)

Five eggs, lightly beaten

A splash of milk

Six slices of bread, not too thick

Butter for cooking

A tablespoon of garlic

Seven button mushrooms, sliced

Thin slices of a mild cheese

Whole grain mustard

Beat the eggs together with the splash of milk. Heat the butter in a frying pan, dip the bread in the egg mixture and fry the slices in batches. Once cooked, dip them in the egg mixture again and repeat the process.

While this is happening, fry your mushrooms in a hunk of butter and the tablespoon of garlic, until they have browned and reduced in size. Slice your cheese.

When the french toast and mushrooms are done, put one piece of french toast onto your plate. Place mushrooms on top of this, and top with another piece of toast. Spread whole grain mustard across this piece and lay the thin cheese slices on top. Cover with a third piece of french toast.