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In many ways the potato salad is an unfairly treated dish. Its reputation has been cruelly undermined by the thousands of bad potato salads out there – tasteless, potato still crunchy, and served only just above freezing point at the supermarket deli; over-mayonassied and growing hot, abandoned on the table at a school barbeque; with too many gherkins (it’s potato salad, not gherkin salad).

This recipe redeemed potato salad for me. It is served warm/at room temperature, not from the fridge, and it contains no mayonnaise and definitely no gherkins or capers. It is tasty, simple and delicious, perfect for lunches, picnics, and dinners. The cream provides a beautiful silkiness, and its richness is offset by the sharp tang of the lemon and garlic.

This recipe is adapted from Nadine Abensur’s The Cranks Bible, my second ever cookbook, and one I would unhesitatingly recommend. This was one of the first recipes I made from it (after the chocolate brownies, of course), and I have used it regularly ever since.


Potato Salad with lemon and garlic (serves 2-4)


500g of baby new potatoes

Five tablespoons of cream

Juice of half a lemon

One teaspoon on grated lemon zest

Three cloves of garlic, finely chopped

Flakes of sea salt



Boil the potatoes until tender, then drain and let cool for a minute. Place them in a bowl, and top with the other ingredients, tossing thoroughly. Taste, and adjust quantities; they will vary hugely depending on how strong the garlic is, how much salt you like etc. The original recipe included chopped chives. I never usually use them, as I prefer extra garlic. If you like chives, however, they would make a lovely addition, as would other kinds of fresh herb, such as coriander/cilantro.