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I’m going to state it straight away. I love hash browns. Absolutely love them. My little brother went through a stage where they were pretty much all he would eat , so I am a connoisseur of the packaged hash brown. I can discuss the merits of toaster heating versus oven heating, what sauces to add, which brands have the best flavour. The one adventure I hadn’t had with hash browns, however, was eating a home made one. Since my brother went off them, I hadn’t eaten one, so when I saw http://homecookinginmontana.blogspot.co.nz/2008/11/hash-browns.html, I knew I wanted to try to make homemade hash browns, using my own recipe.

They were everything I had been aiming for; crisp, hot, delicious, easy, and far healthier (and less like glued together woodchips) than the commercial versions. The kumara/sweet potato added another dimension to them, though it didn’t dominate the flavour.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns (serves two)

Three medium potatoes

One Kumara/Sweet Potato

One large egg

Half a teaspoon of salt

Sprinkle of pepper

Oil for frying

Grate the potatoes and sweet potato then wring the liquid from the grated mixture using paper towels. Stir salt and pepper through the mixture, adjusting quantities depending on your preferences. Mix in an egg, making sure it is fully binding the grated potatoes together. If you used large potatoes, and the mixture does not seem to be binding sufficiently, it would be a god idea to add another egg.

Heat oil to about a half centimetre depth in a frying pan (it looks like a lot, but most of it can be blotted off with paper towels. Fry clumps of the batter in batches, pressing down into a hash brown shape. When golden brown on both sides, drain on paper towels while the rest cook.

It is important to keep the oil level high enough, and so to add more throughout the cooking.

Serve hot with fried/poached eggs, a sweet relish, large flat mushrooms, sausages, bacon, fried tomatoes, wilted spinach etc. If you want a stronger sweet potato flavour, substitute some of the potatoes with sweet potatoes.